Arnould de Binche
Arnould de Binche commenced in 1235 and finished in 1239 the Church of Notre Dame de Pamele at Andenarde (Belgium).

Liebfrauenkirche, Trier, Gothic, from c.1235.

Bases and capitals.
Detail of one of the columns of this cloister.

Base, capital, and entablature from the cloister of the Abbey of Subiaco near Rome.
Seroux   Seroux

Longitudinal section of the cloisters on the line A B C D; in the center is a cistern, and at E a pointed arch, one of the first executed in Italy.
General plan of the cloisters of Santa Scholastica, a celebrated abbey of the order of St. Benedict, at Subiaco.

The inscription is from a cornice from the interior of the cloisters; from it we learn that Cosmos, and his sons Lucas and James, Roman citizens, and skillful masons, executed this work in the time of Abbot Landi, who, according to an ancient manuscript of this convent, ordered the embellishment of this cloister in 1235.

Plan and elevation of a portion of the cloisters.

Church of St. Peter and St. George at Bamberg, in Germany, eleventh century; the arches are both round and pointed.

Column from a building at Venice called il Fondaco de' Turchi.

Capital from the Fondaco de' Turchi, Venice.




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