John de Battle (Jean de la Bataille)
architect and mason "cementarme."
Between 1291 and 1294 John de Battle built the Eleanor Crosses at Northampton, Stony Stratford, Woburn, Dunstable, and St. Albans (England). An associate (socius), John de Pabeham, is mentioned.

Petrus Gulimari da Piperno
According to an inscription, Petrus and his sons, Morisu and Jacobus, built the church at San Lorenzo, now Amaseno, Italy, finished 1291.

Michael of Canterbury
architect or builder.
Magister Michael de Cantuaria cenientarius contracted to build the Eleanor Cross at East Cheap, London. During the years 1291, 1292 and 1293 he was paid 226 13s. 4d. for this work. No one else is mentioned in connection with it. The construction of S. Stephen's chapel, Westminster, begun about 1292, burned in October, 1834, is also attributed to him. S. Stephen's, Westminster, was for a long period the Parliament House of Great Britain.




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