Jacques Chanterel
architect (maître d'œuvre) and sculptor.
Chanterel appears in the records of 1555, 1556, and 1558 in association with Ambroise Perret in the decoration of the monument of François I, at Saint-Denis (see Philibert de l'Orme.) The fine cornice and the Ionic capitals are especially his work. In 1558 he contracted with Philibert de l'Orme to build the bridge and gallery of the Château of Chenonceau (France).

Giovanni Domenico Scamozzi
architect; b. about 1530; d. 1582.
From a simple carpenter he became an accomplished architect. He visited Budapest and Warsaw, where he reconstructed the royal palace. Giovanni made the index (indice copiosissimo) of the edition of Serlio's works, which was published in Venice in 1584 and 1619. In his introduction to this edition, Ludovico Roncone mentions some of Giovanni's buildings.




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