Antonio Contini
Contini was a nephew of Giovanni da Ponte. He built the Bridge of Sighs between the Doges' palace and the prison in Venice.

Elias Holl
architect; b. February 28, 1573 (at Augsburg); d. 1636.
In 1600-1601 he visited Venice, where he learned the elements of Renaissance architecture. In 1602 he was appointed city architect of Augsburg, Germany. The city derived its principal architectural characteristics from the buildings erected during the next twenty years largely from his designs. His chief work is the Rathhaus, begun August 25, 1615.

Thomas Holt
architect; d. September 9, 1624.
He was a native of York, England, and a carpenter. He is supposed to have come to Oxford about 1600, when Sir Thomas Bodley was beginning his new schools. Holt is credited with the design of these buildings, especially the great tower, the fašade of which is decorated with the five orders superimposed.

Paul Vredeman de Vries
architect and painter; b. 1567 (at Antwerp, Belgium).
A son and pupil of Hans Vredman de Vries. He attached himself to the court at Prague (Bohemia), and returned to Amsterdam (Holland) about 1600. In 1639 he was appointed city architect at The Hague (Holland).




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