Jacques Sarrazin
sculptor and painter; b. 1588 (at Noyon, Picardie, France); d. 1660.
Sarrazin was a pupil of Nicolas Guillain in Paris. In 1610 he went to Rome and studied there for eighteen years. For his patron, the Cardinal Aldobrandini, he made the figures of Atlas and Polyphemus at his villa at Frascati. Returning to Paris about 1628, Sarrazin made the sculptured decoration of the Tour d'Horloge at the Louvre (see Lemercier, Jacques). The Caryatides supporting the pediment of this building are his best work. About 1643 he made the monument to contain the heart of Louis XIII, the sculpture of which is now in the Louvre, and about 1646 the monument to contain the heart of Prince Henri I of Condé, now at Chantilly. In 1654 he was appointed recteur of the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture (Paris).




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