Demetri Porphyrios, guest editor; Architectural Design (London: Academy Editions, vol. 51 no. 5/7, 1981).
Coreper Building Counter-project, Brussels
'High and Over' Revisited
Elia Zenghelis:
Houses in Antiparos, Greece
AD PROFILE 35: On the Methodology of Architectural Theory
Demetri Porphyrios:
Ernst Gombrich:
Hegel and Art History
Joseph Rykwert:
Gottfried Semper and the Problem of Style
Arturo Carlo Quintavalle:
The Philosophical Context of Riegl's Stilfragen
Spiro Kostof:
Paul Frankl's Principles of Architectural History
Georges Teyssot:
Neoclassic and 'Autonomous' Architecture: the Formalism of Emil Kaufmann
Guido Neri:
The Artistic Theory of Erwin Panofsky
Alan Colquhoun:
Gombrich and Cultural History
Cesare de Seta:
Benevolo's Storia
Kenneth Frampton:
Giedion in America: Reflections in a Mirror
Robert Maxwell:
Reyner Banham: the Plenitude of Presence
Yves Alain Bois:
Francastel's Interdisciplinary History of Art
Stefan Morawski:
Marxist Historicism and the Philosophy of Art
Kurt Forster:
Walter Benjamin: Residue of a Dream World
Manfredo Tafuri:
The Uncertainties of Formalism: Victor Sklovskij and the Denuding of Art
Maurice Culot and Philippe Lefèbvre:
Argan: the State of Defiance
Tomas Liorens:
Manfredo Tafuri: Neo-Avant-Garde and History
Demetri Porphyrios:
Notes on a Method

A.C. Papadakis, Architectural Design (London: Academy Editions, vol. 51 no. 12, 1981).
The Architecture of Erik Gunner Asplund
Our Friends the Rationalists
AD PROFILE 38: Current Projects
Robert Stern
Miguel Angel Roca
Six British Architects
Towards a Representational Architecture Today
Six Shy Men
Charles Moore
James Gowen
Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown
Christian de Portzamparc




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