19071302   Altes Museum 1830 Berlin plans iqq19   2120i54

19041901   IQQ15 base plan 1830 Berlin model fragment   2468i63

16020602   Altes Museum Packhof Berlin models Ottopia plans   2120i48   b

15081302 Altes Museum Customs Office of the Neue Packhof Berlin model layers renemed etc. GAUA site plan   2120i45   b

15012003   Berlin Altes Museum Customs Office model plans @ GAUA   2120i42

15012002   Berlin Altes Museum Customs Office model layers renamed   2120i41

14122101   site plan 1100x550   2121i00

14050804   Lustgarten 22002 context plans   2120i39

14030503   original Berlin context NNTC/Ottopia context plans   2120i37
13092601   plan   2120i30

13092501   Le Corbusier's 1958 Berlin context plan   2120i29

13091202   International Planning Competition for Berlin scan plans   2120i27

06122602   IQ Berlin Museum Insel model   2360i21   b
06122601   IQ Berlin Museum Insel plans   2120i22

010119a   model   2120i14