Le Corbusier

Villa Stein de Monzie     Paris


Jung Zaha House   2382
Villa Stein de Monzie in Terrain   2383
Domestic Museum   2381

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...an analysis of the Villa Stein de Monzie and the Villa Garches and the introduction of the promenade architecturale.

scale and architecture
...a collection of 3D houses, Villa Savoye, Villa à Garches, Villa Stein de de Monzie, Wall House 2, housing for La Villette, Houses Under a Common Roof, Gooding House, Maison l'Homme, Maison Dom-ino, and do a study in plan, elevation, axon, and perspective of these buildings standing beside each other.

Architectural Promenade
...Frampton's caption regarding the promenade architecturale at the Villa Stein de Monzie added significant fuel to the fire; by looking at the Villa Stein de Monzie I began to more readily see the manifestation of the promenade architecturale, especially the notion of a steadily ascending path.

13101002   Maison Dom-ino Legacy plans

1914           Maison Dom-ino
1927           Villa Stein de Monzie
1929           Composition Three
1929           Villa Savoye
1952-60     Monastery of La Tourette
1957           Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Camp
1963-67     Maison l'Homme
1964           Stage Set of the Palais des Congrès
1971           Conference Room of Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes
1972-74     Wall House 2
1999           Maison Millennium 001
1999           Ur-Ottopia House



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