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Casa Collage 003    


2007.10.27 13:40
Collage Architecture
I remember those collages in Education of an Architect I from back in the late 1970s; had no idea who did them back then, and vaguely recall later learning they were by Libeskind. I could probably find some very old "xerox" copies if I looked hard enough. Now in retrospect, I'd say they had a strong, albeit subliminal, influence on some of my operations. And add to that an early CAD training (1983), the whole 'cut and paste' ethos of computer processing, along with the overall ease of data manipulation, then opened a whole new field with respect to architectural drawing.

2012.10.29 10:25
for nearly two decades I've been saying that network...
So you've been saying for nearly two decades that architecture in network culture is ongoing planimetric collage of somewhat carefully chosen architectural plan fragments of similar geometric shapes, regardless of the fragments' original programs and scales, juxtaposed in further planimetric configurations translatable to any program and scale?
Almost three decades ago:     1982a 1984
Almost four decades ago:     c1027

2013.03.11 13:32
Old school - when it was done manually - anyone care to share some old work?
It's photo-copy ink on paper collaged. The work was produced in the computer room at Cooper & Pratt Architects during one of my lunch breaks. The design is a Museum of the Un-Intended.




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