99122201   Mayan City model   2302i35

99121842   Lauf Haus der Kunst plans model perspectives   2302i34

99121835   Altes Museum sculpture group   2302i33
99121834   Altes Museum sculpture group   2302i32
99121833   Schinkel sculpture group   2302i31

99121830   Villa Rotunda Porticus Neroniani circle/square plans   2302i30

99121829   Quondam plans 1997   2302i29

99121819   Quondam elevations   2302i28

99121817   Parthenon columns at Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen perspective   2302i27

99121816   Quondam elevations plans   2302i26

99121815   Arcadia flyer   2302i25

991218d     Hurva Synagogue St. Pierre at Firminy Vert plans elevations   2302i24

99121724   Ulm Haus model   2302i23

99121721   Parkway Interpolation Museum Annex stairs model   2302i22

99121719   garage addition plans   2302i21

99121718   desk and bench perspective   2302i20

99121717   patterns for x-hatch   2302i19

99121712   Institute of Contemporary Art plan   2302i18

99121711   sun dial   2302i17

991217b     Grubbtown Memorial   2302i16

991217a     plan collection   2302i15

991123b     mesh surface model perspectives   2302i14
991123a     mesh surface model   2302i13
991116f     mesh surface model   2302i12
991116e     mesh surface model   2302i11
991116d     mesh surface model   2302i10
991116c     mesh surface model   2302i09
991116b     mesh surface model   2302i08
991116a     surface mesh model perspective   2302i07

99092011   Palais des Congrès plans perspectives axonometric   2302i06

99091702   Le Corbusier people   2302i05

990723c     Wacko House 001 perspectives   2302i04
990723b     Wacko House 001 perspectives   2302i03

99061403   Chronosomatics digestive organs elevations   2302i02
99061402   Chronosomatics female body partial elevation   2302i01