14122104   Monument for Friedrich the Great 1100x550 plan   2404i29
14121801   Altes Museum Schinkel's Berlin 1100x550 plan   2404i28

14121406   Scala Regia 1100x550 plan image   2404i27
14121405   Medici Chapel 1100x550 elevation image   2404i26
14121404   Sforza Chapel 1100x550 plan image   2404i25
14121403   Porta Pia 1100x550 elevation   2404i24
14121402   Villa Julia 1100x550 site plan image ICM   2404i23   b
14121401   Villa Julia 1100x550 plan image   2404i22
14121307   Michelangelo's St. Peter's Basilica 1100x550 plan image   2404i21
14121306   Campidoglio 1100x550 plan image   2404i20
14121305   Fortification of Florence 1100x550 plan   2404i19
14121304   Laurentian Library 1100x550 plan section image   2404i18
14121303   Villa Madama 1100x550 plan image   2404i17   b
14121302   San Stefano 1100x550 plan image   2404i16

14112501   Ridgeway House at Ury/NNTC site plan   2404i15

14110702   mesh surface wireframe cleanup   2404i14   b

14110501   Hadrian's Villa image plan attached mirror-copy plans scaled   2404i13   b   c

14110201   San Stefano image plan attached 4th century architecture plans   2404i12   b

14100602   Richards Medical Laboratory Building plan elevation scaled 2404i11
14100601   Salk Institue plan section scaled   2404i10
14060103   collection of 'atypical' plans /89   2404i09

14041101   collection grid Northeast Philadelphia NNTC IQ grid plans   2404i08
14031801   NNTC Ury Farm Campo Rovine Fox Chase context scan plan   2404i07   b

14020207   Mausoleum of Constantina plan scan plan in register with psa/iq   2404i06
14020204   Old St. Peter's Basilica scan plan with Bernini's colonnade in register with psa/iq   2404i05
14020202   Basilica of San Sebastian scan plan north arrow   2404i04
14020201   Basilica of San Lorenzo scan plan north arrow   2404i03

14013001   ancient Rome 002 scan plan IQ   2404i02

14012108   domestic architecture plans (layers 80-99)   2404i01