19082002   Carcassonne plan section nts   2480i60
19080702   Theater of Marcellus plan elevation section nts   2480i59
19080407   Royal Saltworks plan elevation section nts   2480i58
19080406   Berlin Wall plan elevation section nts   2480i57
19080405   Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II plan elevation section nts   2480i56
19080404   Fuji TV Headquarters Building plan elevation section nts   2480i55
19080301   Empire State Building elevation section nts   2480i54
19073105   Eiffel Tower site plan elevation nts   2480i53
19073104   Taj Mahal plan section elevation nts   2480i52

19073101   diptyck plans working data   2480i51
19073001   diptyck plans working data   2480i50
19072901   diptyck plans working data   2480i49

19072604   Petronas Towers plan section elevation nts   2480i48
19072602   Crystal Cathedral plan section elevation nts   2480i47
19072601   Westminster Cathedral plan section elevation nts   2480i46
19072501   Vierzehnheiligen plan section elevation nts   2480i45
19072302   San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane plan section elevation nts   2480i44
19072301   Basilica of the Madeleine plan section elevation nts   2480i43
19072206   Lingaraj Temple plan section elevation nts   2480i42
19072205   Mosque Cathedral of Córdoba plan section elevation nts   2480i41
19072204   Shore Temple Mamallapuram plan section elevation nts   2480i40
19072203   Great Mosque of Damascus plan section elevation nts   2480i39
19072202   Dome of the Rock plan section elevation nts   2480i38
19072201   Mahabodhi Temple plan elevation nts   2480i37

19072002   mesh surface from 08020901   2480i36
19072001   rem surface from 01050302   2480i35

19071705   Great Stupa plans section elevation   2480i34
19071704   San Spirito plans section elevation   2480i33
19071703   Cologne Cathedral plans section elevation   2480i32
19071702   Hameau de le Reine site plan plans section elevation   2480i31
19071701   Palazzo Riccardi plans section elevation   2480i30

19070803   rem surface from 01052302   2480i29
19070802   rem surface from 01052302   2480i28
19070801   rem surface cubed from 01052302   2480i27

19070702   mesh surface cubed from 08020901   2480i26
19070701   mesh surface cubed from 08020901   2480i25

19070604   Maison Carrée plan section elevation detail nts   2480i24
19070501   Art Nouveau Townhouse plan section elevation nts   2480i23
19070406   freeway interchange plan nts   2480i22
19070405   English Palladian Manor House plan elevation nts   2480i21
19070404   Chateau de Maisons plan section elevation nts   2480i20
19070403   Hardwick Hall plan elevation nts   2480i19
19070402   half-timber house plan section elevation nts   2480i18
19070401   church complex plan section elevation nts   2480i17
19070304   Monticello plan section elevation nts   2480i16
19070303   Roman Villa plan section elevation nts   2480i15
19070302   Nurmburg Rally plan section elevation nts   2480i14
19070301   freeway interchange plan incomplete nts   2480i13

19052401   surface 2d image collection   2480i12

19051402   Hagia Sophia section elevation working data  
19051401   Hagia Sophia plan section elevation   2480i11

19042904   Baths of Caracalla plan section elevation   2480i10
19042902   Palace/Park of Versailles plan fragments nts  
19042901   Pazzi Chapel plan section elevation   2480i09
19042805   Neuschwanstein plan elevation   2480i07
19042804   Chateau de Chambord plan elevation section   2480i06
19042803   Alhambra site plan plan section   2480i05

19041302   government building elevation   2480i04
19041301   Callo Santo Domingo site plan street facades   2480i03
19041202   street facades   2480i02
19041201   Neo-Classical Villa elevations trees people   2480i01