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I saw the news feature a couple of hours ago, and yes it surprised me, but I certainly don't mind it being there. I don't think that much about now being 50, but boy did my life change since I turned 50. Sorry for being a day late. I remember being struck by how some of the theoretical notions mentioned in "Architecture from the Outside" correlate directly with what I do in practice via Quondam, Museumpeace and other cyberspace venues. This information is assembled by the computer into the form of symbols before being transcribed onto conventional punch cards (and now you know why I'm always so punchy) which are ejected into various coded slots; when cards are produced, they appear simultaneously at Design-L and other cyber-venues, in order to prevent corruption. As if youngin's somehow have a monopoly on being unmotivated. Yes, and the act of being persuaded toward any aesthetic pretty much boils down to literally buying into it. 18 February 2000: Perhaps all abstractions are highly idealized reenactments of reality, rather than reality being a reenactment of highly idealized abstractions. Don't make it look as if I'm the one being shifty. As it stands, to me, the sentence relates the pulse being quickly stretched between the entry and exit points of the chamber. Perhaps it meant to say the pulse bilocated, being at two locations but not at the same time; again, the second space/time occurred before the first space/time. A week or so after being well again, the outer skin of the inside of hands and the soles of my feet began to separate from the inner skin and then began to peel off in large pieces. What did the shark say to the force-fed goose on page 197? "I can't stand being in this book! And you, you represent what this book is all about." Although I am serious about the "convincing piece of architecture" being more virtual than anything else. The xyz coordinate system is not necessarily the same thing as Cartesian logic, and I think that's where your references (and perhaps even the way you're being taught) get confused. Because of my potential trip to Rome in June, I have mentally played with the notion of the Ichnographia being used (perhaps for the first time) as a "guide map." composition 1a: the act or action of composing : the formation of a whole especially by different things being put together "When the ground being covered, the grass and grain hid under a white carpet." In an 1817 letter to the Abbé Correa de Serra, he writes: "Mine, after all may be an Utopian dream, but being innocent, I have thought I might indulge in it until I go to the land of dreams, and sleep there with the dreamers of all past and future times" Personally, I like the notion of it all being inside Hurley's imagination. Whether you mind being called an idiot isn't the point, rather, where is the 'line of idiocy' and 'decay' in the Volume thread? Letting go of that myth kind of forces the issue of what really is being said. So "being published" is what this is all really about. "We saw Warsaw burn and Modlin being bombed." "It seems that only an inquiry by the Federal Bureau of Investigation--and, presumably, the prospect of being labeled a traitor if America entered the war--led him to withdraw completely from politics." Archigram's "proposal" is certainly not an absolute, whereas, it looks like the "star system" is percieved as being a little too close to an absolute. I love being inspired, thus the new working title of my next book project is The Faux Failing Memory. The interesting thing about the written word is that you can almost always tell when the author isn't being completely honest. Quilian, you're not suggesting that people at archinect aren't always being completely honest are you?!? "Snarky and swarmy"--go read the essays because here you're being completely subjective. If you're not arbitary about place and simply say the globe, and then look to see what types of architecture were being done (on the globe) at any given time, you'll see just how diverse architecture always was. The hypercritcal remark was because it seemed like you were being hypercritcal of publicists. Men, on the other hand, very much do not have a "built-in" protectiveness, hence men make great displays about forever being on the defensive, and indeed it is almost exclusively men that have continually created our planet's foremost industry, if only to create that protective shell that their sex was not born with--the age old military apparatus (shields, armor, war ships, submarines, tanks, stealth bombers, etc. are all "man"-made protective shells). It was fun being a kid in the 60s, like I'm pretty sure my 4th grade teacher, Miss Kügler, read the fashion magazines (at least she got the hair-dos and the mini-skirts down pat). "Perhaps the way one tells how alive a particular art form is by the latitude it gives for making mistakes in it and still being good." Perhaps my only advantage is being able to choose my tediums, boredoms and frustrations. I think you'll find that those two acres (from years ago) are being subdivided these days. Personally, I don't foresee sprawl being fixed, more likely someday abandoned. After six days of very hard work, I just gave up on ever being creative again. Otherwise, the notion of being creative in the hope of making things better may be just as easily mean being creative due to discontent. After now being well re-acquinted with both films, what's really interesting is the difference the 1970s made. There's being [FOG], so talented, so created, (err, I mean creative), a leading specialist in architectural vaporware; and Rita Novel, literate to the max, a walking encyclopedia on 1980s magazines (when and where the 21st century really began); and finally, ultimately, the incomparable Dick Hertz, designer of future fashion, author of The Theory Masturbation of Fashion, Even. After trying all night to figure out the identity of the Viennese building and also being side-swiped by pixel blur building, architects collape from exhaustion. Also, as opposed to being (just) the brain, it could well be that not all eyes perceive at exactly the same frequency. I like how animated giffs are being explored again. The Halloween decorations in the first image are indicative of the building being inhabited by many young women. "Piranesi uses the Rome that was extent in the eighteenth century as a starting point, but that possesses no original value; it is merely a being in the present." "From this existential moment of being, he takes buildings that existed in the first and second centuries, in Imperial Rome, and places them in the same framework of time and space as the eighteenth-century city." Listening to ABBA always cures my depressions, and just the thought of being pummelled by metamechanic makes me ecstatic. And here I thought I was just being crazy. It seems that my asking [after first being asked and declining] to be guest editor, regardless of the answer, ended the discussion evenly. 3. (28) In greeting, Gabriel exalts Mary; "the Lord is with thee" reiterates the theophany, thus Mary's being "full of grace" and "Blessed among women" is Divinely sanctioned. After the Senator calmed the mass of people, he told the assembled Romans that he had seen Romulus being carried up into the heavens. "No. 5, the adjoining mansion, is La Louve (the She-Wolf), so named from the carving over the door, which represents Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, being suckled by their wild foster-mother." create 1. to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes




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