In the future, everything will be a museum

Talked about this on the phone 12 years ago today.

2005.12.02 11:35
Consumerism and Monumentality
I agree that there is a kind of hegemony operating within architecture today (and definitely since the Modern Movement/International Style), but architecture wasn't always that way. Most of architectures' histories are like languages' histories in that they were all tied/related to specific places on the planet and reflected the culture of those places.
Reflecting on what presently constitutes architectural "history," perhaps architecture is now a world trade commodity more than anything else.
Is the next big thing to mix up the fashion brands? Wear your Foster pants with Woods belt over Eisenman panties?

as per usual, over-wrought stylization

specimen of the museum re-collection

1998.12.02 20:54
Re: def: AutoCAD Architecture
I am a big fan of Le Corbusier's late work, especially the unbuilt projects.

2002.12.02 11:03
Re: Artists who feel invisible to the "powers that be"
One could argue that the whole point of visual art(s) is to indeed be visible. [Fortunately, there is at least sculpture for blind people.]
Our present "age" of mass /netted communications offer artists a multitude of new ways to be visible, i.e., execute their 'craft', be it via images or words or moving images and words, etc.
I know what I'm working for (as opposed to chasing). I'm working for the final goal of history.
contemplative joke:
When filing my taxes, "I work at becoming famous" is how I fill in my occupation.
No [island] doubt a full time job, but "nice work if you can get it."
Gosh, I think I just did my visible artwork for today. Boy, now I have another day off.




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