subliminal/subversive reenactment?

12 December

2013.12.12 22:08

flying carpets as masterplan? . . . . the site tonight exactly 8 years ago:

The current discussion on architectural language reminds me of a small exhibit at Quondam online earlier this year. In a general sense, the display deals with the 'language' and meaning of architectural planimetric forms, while specifically the display deals with the 'master key' that unlocks the long held mysteriousness of Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius (i.e., the large plan of the Fields of Mars). And in hyper-contextual terms, the display refers to the two rapes that generated Rome: the rape of the Vestal Virgin Rhea Silvia by the god Mars, which in turn produced Romulus and Remus, and then the rape of the Sabine women, an attack planned by Romulus in order to further populate his newly founded namesake urbs. That's rape, then rape reenacted, then Eternal City! What better way to institute a 'place' then with the notion "like father, like son."

1.   Introduction
2a. Renaissance: Assimilation and Architecture
2b. Michelangelo: the First Metabolist
2c. The Baroque and the Enlightenment: Assimilation and Metabolism Together
3.   The Metabolization of History I--Learning from Piranesi's Campo Marzio
4.   The Metaboization of History II--the Architecture of K. F. Schinkel
5.   Purism as Ultimate Assimilation
6.   Towards a Metabolic Architecture
7.   Osmosis and Electro-Magnetism: an Outside Inside Architecture




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