Architecture post Semiquincentennial

2 February

2014.02.02 10:46

Today, 2 February is the (new) feast of St. Catherine de Ricci. Catherine died 2 February 1590.
My virtual thesis project for 2006 is entitled "Reenacting Roma Interrotta Sector VI".
Three of the most inspirational texts I've ever read were in Oppositions. They are by William S. Huff, and they are his essays on Symmetry. Huff [worked for] Louis Kahn [and took this picture:]

...a "working title museum"--domain of all tentative works/ideas...
and then/now there's muse[um]ification
Spring Garden Street was much different/dense in the 1960s and bad zoning decisions changed the street into low-rise warehouses. It's kind of difficult to appreciate Guild House 'in context' now.

I'd say that the Lieb House is now a museum piece. That's how the building's context has now changed. Villa Savoye hasn't moved, but its context has changed as well. It hasn't been a residence in many years, and it too is now a museum piece.

...becoming much more interested in architectures within the context of the space-time continuum.

"Something similar to what is related by St. Augustine about St. John of Egypt happened to St. Philip Neri and St. Catherine dei Ricci. They had exchanged a number of letters, and although they never met in the body she appeared to him and talked with him in Rome--without ever having left her convent at Prato."
Remember, it's all about bilocation, bilocation, and bilocation.

"Das cracks me up!"
"Yeah, and I'm gonna play insurance fraud."




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