Architecture post Semiquincentennial

6 February

2014.02.06 11:37

2014.02.06 11:37
Coincidental reading just ten minutes ago:
"If, to a modern mind, the postmodern discourse represents the opening of perspectives that were previously unthinkable and, in the final analysis, mark the surpassing of a previously unsurpassable limit, then for the postmodern mind, the modern represents an entire universe of discourse it can dip into and draw upon with both hands, albeit conferring a radically different sense upon it."
Marco Biraghi, Project of Crisis: Manfredo Tafuri and Contemporary Architecture (2013), p. 183.
Coincidental because I just spent the last 24 hours compiling all the notes on Unthinking an Architecture.

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Museum as future-shock, even.




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