a deliberate deterritorialization

27 June

2014.06.27 17:55

blue: (Northeast Philadelphia) watershed
red: Lenape 'Indian' trails
1: New Sweden settlement c.1655; site of William Penn's treaty with the Lenape 1683
2. New Sweden settlement c.1655
3. New Sweden outpost c.1655 elevation +220'

blue: Pennypack Creek
red: Lenape 'Indian' trail/Oxford Avenue, Huntingdon Pike
green: Montgomery County/Philadelphia border
* deer sightings August 2013 - present

situation of New Not There City

Just got back and can add sighting of 8 deer total, the last two right on the cow pasture high point. And I forgot to mention earlier that, according to Miers Fisher's 1812 journal, there was here today a severe storm all afternoon including "hail the size of partridge eggs."




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