the Donau broke

2015.10.29 17:49
Geoff Manaugh, Smout Allen, and co. investigate the future of Los Angeles in a new exhibition at the USC Libraries
archinect poem off
2007.08.06 09:57
seeing "multiverse" in this very thread 2 weeks ago
seeing "multiverse" in today's archinect news
multiverse is multivirtual
multiverse is often found in poetry squared
multiverse is also like multi verse squared, U NO
from (1984.09.12) #10:
The toggle switch that executes the multiverse and cancels the universe.
from (1984.09.23 happy birthday abracadabra) #16:
Welcome aboard you movie stars of the MULTIVERSE.
from ( 1984.10.22) #34:
It is that time to design travel in/for the MULTIVERSE.
from (1984.11.21 happy birthday Quondam) #47:
Since I invented the multiverse I guess I should spend six days making it what it is.
from (1984.11.22) #50:
(i.e. the moment you are most likely to fall in either direction in2 the Multiverse)
O souls of the Multiverse, how is that man, that creature of but a lower power of ten, one who consumes all but to produce waste: where in the bangs of TIME will the flesh of thought see with THE EYES CLEARLY?
from (1984.11.25) #52:
How fortunate to be creating myths of tomorrow a.k.a. Book of the Multiverse.
from (1984.11.26) #53:
She collects old ionographs of MV lev -(x,y) 7df5s (z) 10{rvo}: MULTIVERSE level Punic Carthage after first apogee VI settlement.
from (1984.12.29) #56:
- when you start to look at the MULTIVERSE, U C it in glimpses.
from (1984.12.29) #57:
Design the void and give it a Sachlichkeit shape. Are those roman/chinese senators/eyes-guys waiting to debate gosh the other{(s) in the MULTIVERSE}? the time goes by and the flowers came back and then the outs.
So there are the MULTIVERSES ** powers in U
from (1985.01.13) #66:
Two eyes and me the finder of multipeople - CITIZENS OF THE MULTIVESE Sing something, the tune's time has come.
and from (1985.03.06) #77:
Every minute is time - every time is moving - all in the same direction they say - They don't know the MULTIVERSE YET!!!!!!

"We survived the epidemic of 1984, and, luckily for us, so did our architect, because we needed a new house and he quickly designed us a masterpiece that reflected our very essence down to the core!"

"Now we're the top designers at the Fashion House of Wishful Thinking.




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