the Donau broke

Chrysler Building (elevator doors) . . . Johnson/Burgee AT&T Building . . .
The floor pattern is copied from Lutyens; not sure which house exactly, but I could quickly find out if you really want to know.
I was initially thinking of the more elaborate pattering at Gledstone Hall, but the patterning at AT&T is more akin to the stark/bold patterning at Midland Bank, London and the Viceroy's House, New Delhi.
Not sure about the last image. Would guess something by Paul Rudolph, but could also be something inspired by Rudolph. It's not inside Rudolph's Orange County Office and Court House Building, is it? Seems like a little too sunny for that.
Some place within Duke University?

This is an early sketch...might be a tough one, but the building is very well known...

2016.03.05 12:45
guess the building [famous] based on an interior [shot]
Early sketch of this?

2016.03.05 12:47
guess the building [famous] based on an interior [shot]
Wait a minute, is that an early sketch of the Seattle Public Library?

2016.03.05 16:49
guess the building [famous] based on an interior [shot]




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