it was not uncommon to see mobile homes parked in front of old rural farm houses

2016.12.29 11:13
How a mobile home community created a co-op and bought its own land
When I was working in very rural Missouri summer 1978, it was not uncommon to see mobile homes parked in front of old rural farm houses. I was even invited to dinner in such a mobile home once. The old farm house didn't have running water and other utilities, so the owners just found it easier to continue living there in a mobile home. I suppose there's a variety of ways to look at "affordable housing."

2016.12.30 11:43
The White Flight from American Democracy
While thinking about this thread last night, I thought of the notion of 'the privatization of the presidency.' Is that an original phrase, I wondered. Better google it tomorrow.
The phrase/notion is new and already out there, but with surprisingly few search hits. It's in conjunction with the phrase 'privatizing the presidency'.
Is the OP asking for a vigilance regarding the domestic/local effects of the forthcoming privatization of the presidency?

2017.01.01 13:33
1 January

2017.01.02 17:34
7-Eleven becomes first retailer to employ drone delivery
I was just sitting on a secluded beach, and I needed some bug spray. I let my fingers do the walking.

2017.01.02 20:32
1 January
Apparently, in the future, some very special doctors will tell me that my frontal and prietal lobes and my hippocampus often operate in the exact opposite way they're supposed to. To which I will then ask, "So, instead of mentally reenacting an experience, they enact something that hasn't happen yet?" To which the doctors will all give me the thumbs-up! Hence:




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