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18091301   appositional architecture houses plans Adler house DeVore House Fruchter House Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Camp Fisher House Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci Brant House Tucker Town Brant House Addition Wissenshaftzentrum Kasperson House Long Gallery House ICA House Cooper & Pratt House Winton Guest House Mayor's House Green Enfilade House

18091901   Robie House Fallingwater Jacobs House Price Tower plans elevations

18091902   Jacobs House plan

18091903   Price Tower plans section

18092001   Wolf House Apartment Building Weissenhof Tugendhat House Gericke House Courthouse with Garage Hubbe House Farnsworth House 860 Lake Shore Drive Apartments Fifty by Fifty House plans elevations

18092002   Hubbe House plan elevations section

18092301   Villa Mairea plan work plans elevations section

18092302   Maison Louis Carré plans elevations section



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