Stirling's Muses Part II

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architectural play

Taste for vanished styles has always been the grand elixir of architecture, and, in our accelerated century, the more recent the style's recession the more exciting the new thing to be made of it. Such is the state of affairs at the moment, and I see Stirling as the architect who, more than any other in this country, or perhaps anywhere, has identified himself with this transfiguration, turned the old seriousness back to front and re-engaged it as play. He is essentially a great player--even something of a gambler--an architect cast more distinctly than most in the role of homo ludens.

John Summerson, "Vitruvius Ludens" in Architectural Review March, 1983.

ludo ludere lusi lusum to play; to spend in play; to amuse oneself with, do for amusement, practice as a pastime; to imitate, mimic, mock, do a takeoff on, ridicule; to deceive, delude



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