wall [house] types

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Grandfather Wall House
1/4 House B
Wall House Sketch
1/4 House C
Diamond Plan Sketch
Good Neighbor House
Wall House 1
The Plane of the Present
Wall House 2 (Bye House)
Wall House 2 (Bye House) Sketch
Wall House 2 (Bye House) Sketch
Wall House 3
Cemetery for the Ashes of Thought
The Silent Witnesses
North East South West House

The 13 Watchtowers of Cannaregio
House for Inhabitant Who Refused to Participate
North East South West House

from Vladivostok

Museum for the Subjects Adam and Eve
Church Complex B

Maze House
Painter's City House by the Canal Borders Pine Woods
Cemetery for the Ashes of the Painters of Still Life
House/Studio of the Still Life Painter
Medical Complex: Painter's Journey
Fixed Flight
Chapel and Tombs
Chapel and Tombs
Theater of the Dead
The Still Life Painter's Complex
Still Life Museum/Museum for Still Life
Two Chapels for the Dead: Heaven-Hell/Day-Night
Two Chapels for the Dead: West North South East
The Sacred and the Profane
Night Thoughts for Day Dreams
Library for Still Lifes
Church and Baptistry
Sound Volume House
Volume in Music. Volume in Space.
House in Harbin
Icarus Arisen, Persephone's Descent
Seville Structure

Black Bird of...
Andalusian Houses
Cadiz Moment
Pewter Wings, Golden Horns, Stone Veils

Andalusian House 03

Andalusian House 04

Andalusian House 05

Andalusian House 06

Andalusian House 07

Andalusian House 08

Andalusian House 09

Andalusian House 10

Andalusian House 11

Andalusian House 12

Andalusian House 13

Andalusian House 14

Andalusian House 15

Andalusian House 16

Andalusian House 17

Andalusian House 18




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