House 10: Museum     Diamond House/Museum C

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"What was new in modern painting was a membrane, and the breaking through of that membrane. I probed the Cubism bit, the notion of centralization, either compressing inwards or going outwrds towards the edges and dissipating. So that was the Diamond Museum, where centralized, volumetric forms moved to linear, palnar conditions. As the volume went out into space it became more geometric, and less organic (biomorphic). I never really defined these issues, only investigated them."
John Hejduk in "Interview with Don Wall" (circa 1981).

Le Corbusier   Governor's Palace   level 4 plan   preliminary scheme   1952

Le Corbusier   Tower of Shadows   site plan   1957

Le Corbusier   Tower of Shadows   axonometric   1957

Le Corbusier   Palace of Assembly   photograph   1956




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