novel architecturale

Quondam as some strange un-scientific fiction architectur(al novel?)

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I'm not really working on a novel, but I might end up having written one. The idea arose over two weeks ago:
started compiling plans [from Quondam's collection] that relate to Stirling's architecture; I can see something akin to a novel coming together in terms of how all the designs/projects interrelate.

Borrowed some books (from the Free Library) about "novel writing." Read "The opposing missions of the various characters create the plot" this morning. Then thought, "Apposing missions of the various architectures creates the plot."
Herzog at Columbia said, "Stirling lost his way" and "Rossi lost his way." I ask, "Labyrinth, wo bist du?"
Most of the "characters" in almost order of appearance and only sometimes in scale to each other:

And add Piranesi's rendition of the Triumphal Way within the Ichnograpgia Campus Martius.
While composing this piece, I recognized a strong conceptional affinity between Herzog & de Meuron's 2005 Espacio Goya and Quondam's 2007 Cut & Paste Museum. Go figural.



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