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Serlio on Bramante's Tempietto
This ground set under this, is also an intention of Bramante, though it was never made, which agreed with the old work: that part which is marked with B is S. Peter's Church in Montorio without Rome; and that part marked with A is an old cloister, but that part in the middle, Bramante ordered, thereby to help himself with the old work; the part marked C signifies a gallery in the corners. The place B stands under the apse; the part marked E is a little temple, which the said Bramante made. . .I have said nothing touching the measure of the ground, but I have shown it here only for the invention.

In the last side I promised to show Bramante;s Temple in greater form, which is not very great, but was only made in remenbrance od S. Peter the Apostle, for it is said he was crucified in that place; the said Temple is to be measured by the old Roman foot...

This is the said Temple standing up, which shows the one half without and the one half within...



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