150 BC

Andronicus of Cyrrhus (either in Syria or Macedon)
According to Varro and Vitruvius, Andronicus built or caused to be built, about 150 B.C., the so-called Tower of the Winds at Athens, which is still preserved. It is not known whether he was actually the architect or simply the donor or patron of the building. A similar building was erected in Rome by Scipio Nasica, probably at about the same time.

Caius Mutius
Mutins is mentioned by Vitruvius as having built the temple of Honos and Virtus in Rome with great skill.

Tauriscus of Tralles
Apollonios and Tauriscus of Tralles made the group of sculpture called the "Farnese Bull" at Naples.

Plan and section of a sepulchral tomb excavated in the tufo (280 BC - 150 BC) which belongs to the family of the Scipios, one of the branches of the Cornelia; it was discovered in 1780, on the left of the Via Appia, and near the Porta Capena, now St. Sabastian.

Heads in terra cotta, peperino, and bronze, found in the tombs of the Scipios, probably portraits of these illustrious personages.




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