576 BC

Theodorus of Samos
architect and artisan.
Flourished during the early part of the sixth century B.C., and was one of the principal artists of the earliest Greek school. In much of his work he was associated with Rhkos and Smilis. Theodorus, Rhkos, and Smilis built the labyrinth at Lemnos. According to Herodotus, Rhkos built the Temple of Hera at Samos, a description of which was written by Theodorus. Theodorus was consulted about the construction of the temple of Artemis at Ephesos, begun about 576 B.C., and advised laying the foundations in charcoal. Theodorus designed the building called the Skias, at Sparta. Numerous temple statues and works in the precious metals were attributed to him, among others the famous ring of the tyrant Polykrates of Samos, and the silver wine cooler which was sent by Crsus to Delphi.



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