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Aldo Rossi, "The Analogous City: Panel" in Lotus International 13 (December 1976).

another museum of architecture reference
Another reference to the "virtual museum of architecture" came from reading some in Rossi's The Architecture of the City. I am reading the chapters (headings) in reverse order and in the introduction to the 2nd Italian edition, Rossi makes reference to the Canaletto painting Capriccio.
From Rossi, p. 116: "After I wrote this book and from the concepts I postulated in it, I outlined the hypothesis of the analogous city, in which I attempted to deal with theoretical questions concerning design in architecture. In particular I elaborated a compositional procedure that is based on certain fundamental artifacts in the urban reality around which other artifacts are constituted within the framework of an analogous system. To illustrate this concept I gave the example of Canaletto's fantasy view of Venice, a capriccio in which Palladio's project for the Ponti di Rialto, the Basilica of Vicenza, and the Palazzo Chiericate are set next to each other and described as if the painter were rendering an urban scene he had actually observed. These three Palladian monuments, none of which are actually in Venice (one is a project; the other two are in Vicenza), nevertheless constitute an analogous Venice formed of specific elements associated with the history of both architecture and the city. The geographic transposition of the monuments within the painting constitutes a city that we recognize, even though it is a place of purely architectural reference. This example enables me to demonstrate how a logical-formal operation could be translated into a design method and then into a hypothesis for a theory of architectural design in which the elements were preestablished and formally defined, but where the significance that sprung forth at the end of the operation was the authentic, unforeseen, and original meaning of the work."
Immediately I think of the Strasbourg, Düsseldorf, Hurva composite building that I have created in 3d model form, and I would like to sometime in the future elaborate on how the composite is perhaps an analogous building. Furthermore, Rossi's point provides great fuel for future manipulation of my models and Canaletto's painting in particular provides inspiration and a grounding in terms of a "plan" for the "virtual museum" itself.
Overall, I see the analogous city concept working in tandem with the "virtual museum of architecture" idea, and I am at this point also interested in adding the collage city idea/methodology to the "museum" idea.

design of analogous buildings, etc.
....CAD and a virtual museum allows the design of analogous buildings.
Sober House 1   3204i01
Analogous Building   3204i02
Maison Millennium 001   3204i03
Lauf Haus der Kunst   3204i04
Infringement Complex   3204i05
Ludi 002   3204i06
House of Ill-Repute   3204i07
Good-Bye House   3204i08
Mikveh PMP   3204i09
I. Kahn Collagio   3204i10
Dominican Fortress   3204i11
Mosque Q   3204i12
Sober House 2   3204i13
House of Shadows Bye   3204i14
Hurva Dormitories   3204i15
Gooding Trice House   3204i16
Gooding Trice Villa   3204i17
Le Composites   3204i18
Trivilla Savoye   3204i19
Cut & Paste Museum   3204i20
Circle Squared Museum   3204i21
Palais House 10: Museum   3204i22
Headquarters of D.A.T.A.   3204i23
Villa Plus Ultra   3204i24
Courthouse Plus Ultra   3204i25
Villa + 15   3204i26




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