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1361 the old basilica of the Lateran ruined by fire

1814 death of Sir Benjamin Thompson

Parkway Interpolation
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2001 death of Steven Izenour

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"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
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thesis... phenomenology
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Name that Architect and Building!!!
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Taking a Poll
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Archinect, please boycott Israel (its about time!)
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We're suckers for any architecture that looks like us
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2007.08.21 11:27
"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
Instinct is not the same thing as reason. To start with, instinct is much quicker.

2007.08.21 12:22
"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
Marketing an architectural firm and designing to generate publicity are not the same thing

2007.08.21 12:03
thesis... phenomenology
Le Corbusier's five points actually matured along with his oeuvre, and the promenade architecturale formula is often [executed] within the buildings as well. In many ways, Holl's work comprises an adroit riff off Ronchamp, Maison Jaoul and Cap Martin.

2007.08.21 17:05
Name that Architect and Building!!!
...you might be interested in looking through Arthur Drexler's Transformations in Modern Architecture (MoMA exhibition book, 1979). It's full of less well known 1960s-1970s buildings that look very inspiring today. Got a copy via eBay about a year ago and it's interesting to now look for images of the buildings online. I've been planning a 'reenactment' of the 1979 exhibition at Quondam for several months now. Looks like it will finally happen.

2014.08.21 15:48
Taking a Poll
...for me at least, the real value of an internet forum is that it can be a meander. I especially like to see anything internet as something other than what is available in the 'real' world. This may sound too abstract, but I feel what hurts this particular forum the most is any gesture that tries to impose some control over it...

2014.08.21 17:42
Archinect, please boycott Israel (its about time!)
The solution and scenario proposed by this thread is obvious: boycott Israel.
It's strange for me to remember (because of this thread) the first time I ever heard of (activism against South African) apartheid, it was in the kitchen of the Faruqi residence, spring 1984. Faruqi's niece, who I went to architecture school with, returned to Lebanon upon graduation in 1980. She returned to the States for a visit in 1984 and invited me to lunch with her aunt. Lois Faruqi, a Belgian, was a music professor, and I had met her before at a Bach fugue concert circa 1978. Anyway, another guest at the luncheon was a Indian grad student living at the Faruqi house for the term. Most of the conversation was between Mrs. Faruqi and the grad student all about apartheid. Faruqi's niece and myself were somewhat out of our depth, and especially confused by the ongoing distinction between the treatment of 'coloreds' versus the treatment of 'blacks', both of which were bad, but the treatment of 'coloreds' was not as bad as the treatment of 'blacks'. Finally we had to ask, "why are you making a distinction between the treatment of coloreds and blacks?" The answer, "Because in apartheid blacks are African negroes and coloreds are brown skinned people like Indians." I honestly had no idea that apartheid was such a systematic form of racism.
It's very sad and still troubling to think that Lois Faruqi and her husband (the last Palestinian governor of Galilee) were, two years later, brutally murdered in that very house.
The next time I heard discussions on apartheid was in 1985, when I was working at the University of Pennsylvania and the University was being pressured (by students, etc.) to boycott South Africa (which it ultimately soon did).
Fortunately by the early 1990s the boycott worked.




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