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Immediately I think of the Strasbourg, Düsseldorf, Hurva composite building that I have created in 3d model form, and I would like to sometime in the future elaborate on how the composite is perhaps an analogous building.

1999.06.24 21:17
Perhaps sometime in the future all architects will come to realize that software which is "customization-friendly" is more valuable than software that is "user-friendly".

2000.02.16 10:54
quondam : once, at one time, formerly; at times, sometimes, once in a while; some day, one day (in the future)

2000.03.16 "I, Marcel Duchamp, sometime (drag) artist, fully INTEND for this urinal to stand as a monument to all those who gleefully piss their time away wondering about art, particularly art like this. In the future, everyone will piss for fifteen minutes."

2003.02.23 11:25
In the future, all reality will be recorded by a camera, because if it isn't captured by a camera, you can kiss that reality goodbye.

2003.07.13 15:39
Having now taken a closer look it is hard to say whether Koolhaas is smiling (or at least as close to a smile that Koolhaas can get to) because of Prada or because he just got to say on TV that perhaps in the future all architecture "will be embedded in a casino."

2003.09.16 18:15
"In the future, everyone will be in the spotlight."

2003.12.16 12:03
Quondamopolis city of once was in the future

Sometime in the future, it would be great if art museums began exhibiting reenactments of the 'emporiums' that are site specific to the end of big museum exhibits.

In the future, everyone will be imfamous for 15 hours.

in the future
will type
with three fingers

2005.02.01 11:12
"In the future, everything will be an advertisement."

2005.03.06 13:41
In The Future Everyone Will Have...

2006.04.24 13:03
"In the future, everything will be an advertisement [especially journalism?]."

2007.01.16 15:14
"In the future, everything will be an advertisement." Even minimalism.

"In the future, everything (including what I wear) will be an advertisement."

"In the future your whole life will be a phone call."

2007.02.19 21:04
"In the future, everyone will be a starchitect for fifteen minutes."

"In the future everything will be a reenactment (in cyberspace?)."

2007.10.03 08:04
In the future, everyone will be a self link, with absolutely nothing to be sorry about. Self link architects will be all the rage, even.

2009.08.26 17:19
"In the future, all architecture will be post-modern for fifteen minutes."

2011.01.08 11:00
...a virtual museum of architecture
a project
institutional critique, even (perhaps a virtual museum is what a real museum cannot be)
continually reshaped
globally readable
cada coda
architecture as the delivery of content
In the future, 15 years of hypercritique will be famous.

2012.05.16 11:08
"In the future, all the past (and even the present?) will be a fiction."

2012.08.14 15:22
“Trust me guys, in the future everybody will be watching a television show where everyone looks and acts just like us, and it will be called Mad Men.”

2012.12.30 13:05
In the future, everything will be a museum.
In the future, everything will be a Zeitgeist Museum.
In the future, everything will be a museum shop.

2013.05.23 09:59
(Although I very much doubt I'll personally get to see it, nevertheless) Could someone that inherits all of Quondam's 2D and 3D file data someday in the future decide to 3D print it all out and thus make an actual Museum of Architecture?!?

2014.02.03 09:47
"In the future, all education will be an advertisement."
"In the future, every generation will be defined by product placement."

2014.02.18 13:54
In the future, some world organization will survey every person on the planet with the question:
Outside of your own profession (if you have one), what profession is most effective at and/or most capable of improving your life?
After the results are published, architects the world over are outraged that their profession was never mentioned, not even once.

2014.06.03 12:23
"In the future, all museums will be an advertisement."

2014.07.11 17:22
Apparently, in the future, some very special doctors will tell me that my frontal and prietal lobes and my hippocampus often operate in the exact opposite way they're supposed to. To which I will then ask, "So, instead of mentally reenacting an experience, they enact something that hasn't happen yet?" To which the doctors will all give me the thumbs-up!

2014.09.05 16:35
In the future, interpretations of the Third Vatican Council will be famous for fifteen minutes.

2015.01.27 09:56
"Such a pattern of curves is wholly new in Wright's architecture and suggests all sorts of possibilities for the future."
Hitchcock, In the Nature of Materials

2015.05.24 13:33
"In the future everything (critical) will be self-published."

2015.09.28 21:52
[In the future,] Junky Architecture will no doubt be linked to accelerationism.

2015.12.03 19:13
In the future, all Gyms will be done in the Brutalist style.

2016.09.13 11:31
In the future, everything will be the same difference.

2016.10.23 13:50
"In the future, advertising will be in the eye of the beholder."

2016.10.23 14:17
"In the future, all advertisements will be spoiler alerts."

2016.10.25 21:48
In the future, everyone will be large for fifteen minutes.

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