critical condition

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How can a building be 'critical'?   4700   b   c   d   e

[sic]   4700f   g   h   i   p   q   r   s   t

the house is a museum...   4700j   k   l   m   n   o

architecture in critical condition  
to ERr with superglue™   4703
bilocation syndrome   4704   b
going into eclectic shock/therepy   4705   b
surgical double theater   4706   b
waiting room: anxious reading lis[z]t   4707   b
operation a success; patient dead   4708
malpractice case: houses   4709
eternal wrest   4710   b   c

Manfredo Tafuri
redrawing history  
d.a.t.a.: department of architectural theory annexation
continual mistakes and inversions
theorizing a schizophrenic agenda for architecture
[signs of] otherwise eyes
diptych: architecture and thinking twice
unthinking an architecture
learning from girard avenue
pretensions of an unarchitect
architecture not now
dis: content
cloning architecture
complex iconography and contradictory content in architecture
heavy volume everywhere
one size fits all
can you say canonical?
dossier: Manfredo Tafuri   3792   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i   j
Tafuri's account of the operative tradition...   4711z
mistake   4711y
d.a.t.a.: department of architectural theory annexation   4712
Postmodern or Posthistoire?   4713
Quondam: a playground     homo ludens   4714
dossier: St. Catherine de Ricci   3790   b
[Signs of] Otherwise Eyes   4716



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