c. 1925

Louis Kahn buries the New Testement in snow

c. 1925 Louis Kahn buries the New Testement in snow
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1981 chronosomatics
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2002.09.04 13:20
Re: finding the NT buried in snow
For a completely artistic interpretation of the work in question, consider that what Kahn did (as quoted by Scully) was to reenact Christ's last wound via the "sword to the heart," and then reenact Christ's short/dissolved burial via "burying [the New Testament] in snow."

papers of the HTAFCC
1. Catherine de Ricci and Louis I. Kahn--this paper is about the Motherhouse design (a la "seeking precedents...") and somehow shifts into "finding the New Testament buried in snow" which introduces 'chronosomatic man'. Catherine's contribution centers on reenactment. I have to start compiling all the data involved so far.
4. Piranesi on the correlation between the axis of life within the Ichnographia and the Benj. Franklin Parkway. This paper can thus call out the PMA and the reenactment of the Place de la Concorde via the Free Library and the Family Courts. This paper can foster many by-products, and may indeed portend a whole new "archaeological" work by (John the Baptist) Piranesi.
5. Le Corbusier presents "The Promenade Architecturale". Although this paper does not relate to Trumbauer in any way directly, it does carry the overriding theme of enacting reenactment. This too may/will engender a whole new Corbusian publication (done in the Corbusian publication style).

2006.03.16 10:28
Complex Iconography and Contradictory Content in Architecture
Complex Iconography and Contradictory Content in Architecture is the latest addition to The Working Title Museum.
Preface to the online-perhaps-interactive edition:
Helena Augusta began "Pilgrimage, Reenactment and Tourism" at Leaving Obscurity Behind by calling Bethlehem and Jerusalem Jesus event cities, and related the history of her work there. Then she had Judas, the old Jew who told her where the True Cross was buried, present a little history. (Everyone calls him Judas because he constantly denies that that is his name.) Then she had Julian the Apostate present a history of his attempt to have the Temple of Jerusalem rebuilt. (Everyone still gets a kick out of how Helena is actually one of Julian's great grandmothers.) Then she had Ismael Raji Al-Faruqi, the last Palestinian Governor of Galilee, present a very large history, especially about the Dome of the Rock as marker of dream event.
As somewhat of a surprise ending, Helena had Catherine de Ricci reenact her stigmata and ring, and then had Louis I. Kahn reenact his burying of the New Testament in snow.




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