Johnson compound at New Canaan

1949-1995 Johnson compound at New Canaan
1990- Acropolis Q

more reenactionary
"a museum of [someone's] shopping" -- focusing on the Ryerss Museum. reenact the museum in my own way (or should I say in a Piranesian way). Moreover, the sense of reenactment will be both clear and ambiguous because "Venturi Shops" weirdly reenacts the Ryerss Museum. I will be also reenacting "Venturi Shops", and I may even be reenacting Koolhaas et al.
Museum Collecting
"The Las Vegas Classroom" - the Las Vegas reenactment story which includes: the oasis / Villa d'Este reenactment; Atlantic City; Costa Iberica reenacting Learning from Las Vegas; and ultimately Las Vegas reenacting Disneyland and theme parks in general. Perhaps get the Huxtable and Sorkin books.
Acropolis Q reenacting New Canaan - this doesn't have to be a full exposition, but it will certainly deal with architectural experimentation (within one's own domain) and with the issue of a modern museum of architecture. ...now further reenacting Johnson (this could be the title) by first creating Quondam (which was very much a 'Glass House' during schizophrenia + architectures, and now begun a second "building" with Museumpeace).




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