Dresdner Bank

1976   Housing for La Villette
1977   Dresdner Bank
1979   House for K. F. Schinkel
1979   Clay Workers Co-op
1982   eroded grid city
1989   Market Street East

new set of ideas
Church of the New Jerusalem as reenactment architecture since it is a true "Gothic" masonry structure. I will note the reduced scale and the deliberate "design" to make nothing perfect, as if to say mortals cannot reenact God's perfection. I took pictures of the church 2000.03.06.
The architecture I was working on (the Clay Studio project) at the time of Otto's accident in 1980. Thinking back now, I could well say that I was reenacting Stirling's Marburg Bank design. I think I'm now going to construct a computer model of the bank as an important part of the "exhibit". Of course, this exhibit means I will have to put together a display of my clay studio drawings/designs.
Venturi reenactment at Princeton -- In taking pictures at Princeton yesterday, I saw a real contextual disparity between Wu Hall and the other Wu Hall like building next to the late-modern library. Should Venturi have reenacted the "white" formalist aesthetic of the library rather than easily (facile-ly?) repeat Wu Hall and the collegiate Gothic motifs? Regarding the two lab buildings, does the new lab reenact the older lab? (anyway, all the Venturi labs are variations on a theme.
Reenactments at U of P -- I see the MG parking garage reenacting Kahn's Richard's Medical Towers, and the large clerstory at the new Venturi lab reenacting the large (upper) clerstory of the Furness Library tower.

Stirling, Wilford & Associates, Dresdner Bank (plan), 1977.

2006.01.22 14:31
Thesis Semester [blog] 25 years ago
I suppose my infatuation with Stirling's Dresdner Bank project is now over. I mean, how many times can I try to reenact that?
So what do I do now? I begin a thesis project where I want to reenact Stirling's reenactionary Wissenschaftszentrum, which is itself a reenactment of Kahn's Convent for the Dominican Sisters.
Anyway, it's funny how D. wished he could have done the projects we did here last semester, while I wished I could have done the projects they did in Rome last semester. It's also kind of ironic that while they were in Rome we were over here designing a Museum of Architecture for a site in Venice [where my plan is a disguised reenactment of the plan of Schinkel's Court Gardner's House].

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