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This first [scene] shall be Comicall, whereas the houses must be slight for Citizens, but specially there must not want a brawthell or bawdy house, and a great Inne, and a Church; such things are of necessetie to be therein. How to rayse these houses from the ground is sufficiently expressed, and how you shall place the Horison: neverthelesse, that you may he the better instructed (touching the former of these houses) I have here set down a Figure, for satisfaction of those that take pleasure therein; but because this Figure is so small, therein I could not observe all the measures, but refer them to invention, that thereby you may chuse or make houses which shew well, as an open Gallery, or lodge through the which you may see an other house. The hangings over or shooting out, show well in shortening worke, and some Cornices cut out at the ends; accompanied with some others that are painted, show well in worke: so doe the houses which have great bearing out, like lodgings or Chambers for men, and especially above all things, you must set the smalest houses before, that you may see other houses over or above them, as you see it here above the bawdy house: for if you place the greatest before, and the rest behind still lessen, then the place of the Scene would not be so well filled, and although these things upon the one side be made all upon one floore: Neverthelesse, for that you place great part of the lights in the middle, hanging over the Scene or Scaffold, therefore it would stand better if the floore in the midst were taken away, and all the roundels and Quadrans which you see in the Buildings, they are artificiall lights cutting through, of divers colors.... The windowes which stand before, were good to be made of Glasse or Paper, with light behind them. . . .

Sebastian Serlio   Della Scena Comica   1545




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