hyper architecturism

Comica   Tragica   Satirica

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Houses for Tragedies, must be made for great personages, for that actions of love, strange adventures, and cruell murthers (as you reade in ancient and moderne Tragedies) happen alwayes in the houses of great Lords, Dukes, Princes, and Kings. Therefore in such cases you must make none but stately houses. . . . I have made all my Scenes of laths, covered with linnen, yet sometime it is necessary to make some things rising or bossing out; which are to bee made of wood, like the houses on the left side, whereof the Pillars, although they shorten, stand all upon one base, with some stayres, all covered over with cloth, the Cornices bearing out, which you must observe to the middle part: But to give place to the Galleries, you must set the other shortening Cloth somewhat backwards, and make a cornice above it, as you see. . . . All that you make above the Roofe sticking out, as Chimneyes, Towers, Piramides, Oblisces, and other such like things or Images; you must make them all of thin bords, cut out round, and well colloured: But if you make any flat Buildings, they must stand somewhat farre inward, that you may not see them on the sides. In these Scenes, although some have painted personages therein like supporters, as in a Gallery, or doore, as a Dog, Cat, or any other beasts: I am not of that opinion, for that standeth too long without stirring or mooving; but if you make such a thing to lie sleeping, that I hold withall. You may also make Images, Histories, or Fables of Marble, or other matter against a wall; but to represent the life, they ought to stirre....

Sebastian Serlio   Della Scena Tragica   1545




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