31 March

307 marriage of Constantine and Fausta

1895 death of Georg von Dollmann

contributing sperm for egg fertilization
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journeys out of the body (into hyperspace?)
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Re: stuff that really is life changing
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hotrod architecture
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29 March
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31 March
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31 March
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307 marriage of Constantine and Fausta

13033101 New Not There City site plan development
13033102 New Not There City site plan development
13033103 New Not There City Ottopia   2306v

"These researchers suggest that dreams, or at least some of their more bizarre features, are the associations and memories “thrown out on the desktop of our minds” at random. Our brains apparently make up stories to connect these pieces of memory into some sort of scenario that we can accept."

2014.03.31 12:09
29 March
The dream structure expressed above also describes the structure of a lot of these calendar-day posts in that things I've read/written on a particular day along with things I've written/read the same day in past years are "pieces of memory" connected "into some sort of scenario."
Had an elaborate dream early this morning. There was a deadline to compose a large series of webpages containing a collection of military architectural experiments from all over the planet (compiled by people from countries all over the world). It was all becoming overwhelming because all the data was very quickly funneling down to me and most of all the webpages are still blank. One of the people providing data was Dave Schmitt, one of the first friends I made in architecture school and who will have died tomorrow 20 years ago. He was showing me a classical building model with this obelisk/pendulum inside that was to perform some sort of military operation. After I woke up I was glad the deadline was just a dream.
I might try to start having more dreams like web links.

15033101   atemporality @ work plans elevation 22002   3392ui07
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