5 June

1894 death of Austen Henry Layard

1962 death of Jacques Gréber

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virtual place
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St. Helena Church, Olney
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Re: Anthony Vidler on Gordon Matta-Clark
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Best book of last year and best book of all time
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model play
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3. Realizing how the Danteum brings a unique twist to the architectural promenade "formula"... ...a more substantial set of examples which now include Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius and Dante's Divine Comedy.

virtual place
It is perhaps the pervasive archival and repository nature of virtual place that manifests an advantage over real place. It could be described as an historian's dream come true in that all transactions and data creation and transmittals are recorded in time. Time and its immediate connection to action is one of the especial features of virtual place in cyberspace.

2004.06.05 08:53
Best book of last year and best book of all time
Mann's Joseph and His Brothers is much better than The Magic Mountain. Liked The Holy Sinner too.
The short stories of Heinrich von Kleist are likewise worthwhile, e.g., Michael Kohlhaas.
Am I the only architect to have read Merrill's The Changing Light at Sandover?
Butler's Lives of the Saints is much more entertaining than the mediocre Da Vinci Code.
Anybody read The Geometry of Love?

model play
...playing some (more) with the Bye House model:
1. replace the wall with a dtm surface.
2. distort the model in x and y scale while the model itself is rotated at odd angles.
3. have the Bye House sticking out of Firminy-Vert.




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