8 June

1504 Michelangelo's David placed in position before the Palazzo della Signoria, Florence

1776 birth of Thomas Rickman

1817 birth of Théodore Ballu
1867 birth of Frank Lloyd Wright

Villa Savoye/Heidi Weber Pavilion
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large, fantastic architectural plan
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building model combinations
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Re: the more real Piranesi-effect
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1999.06.08 10:03     5027 5051
1999.06.08 13:37     4711d
1999.06.08 17:43     4711d

any art history majors/undergrads?
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An Observation of Contradiction
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V80 Collage
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Top architects defend some of the most hated buildings in the world
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New photos of E. Fay Jones' Thorncrown Chapel unveiled to mark 35th anniversary
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2015.06.08 11:58     3204i 3311 4599y
2015.06.08 13:20     3204i 3311 4599z

Op-Ed: Beyond Stars, Icons and Much More, by Patrik Schumacher
2015.06.08 18:26     3311 3735e


2005.06.08 16:09
any art history majors/undergrads?
You know, it might actually be that art lags behind architecture. I'm not in a position to get into any specifics right now, but let me at least make the suggestion that it is most likely easier for an architect to pick up art history to some depth than it is for an artist to pick up architecture history to some depth.
Like I say, I'm just making a suggestion.

2005.06.08 21:10
An Observation of Contradiction
Good architecture does not come into being without good architectural designers. Same goes for "theory"--good architectural theory does not come into being without good architectural theory designers.
This doesn't mean, however, that a good architectural designer is automatically also a good architectural theory designer, and vice versa.
Similarly, there are good visionaries and there are bad visionaries, and either type of visionary is relatively rare, as in adopting a visionary view does not make one a visionary as well.

07060801 ICM Horti Salustiani

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