9 June

1730 James Gibbs begun the quadrangle of S. Bartholomew's hospital

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Re: the Piranesi-effect
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9 June
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Op-Ed: Beyond Stars, Icons and Much More, by Patrik Schumacher
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Renderings of BIG-Designed Two World Trade Center Revealed
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Thread Central
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Fuck the White Gods
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What are you reading?
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9 June
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chronosomatics 1 : an interpretive method that deals with the interrelationship between chronological or historical sequence and consecutive transverse sections of the human body     2 : a metaphorical link between specific points in time with specific points on or in the human body     3 : a theory whereby the morphology and physiology of the human body is seen as representative of the complete continuum of human existence     4 : The Timepiece of Humanity     5 : the calendar incarnate


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9 June
Re: 2006, it started with the notion of turning the wall of Hejduk's Wall House 2 into a brise-soleil, which quickly turned into combining Wall House 2 with Le Corbusier's Tower of Shadows at Chandigarh. The Tower of Shadows is especially enigmatic in that walls disappear and reappear with respect to the positions from which one is looking at the building--not quite, but kind-of parallax. The height of the Tower of Shadows has been slightly adjusted upward to be more in sync with Wall House 2.
The Villa Savoye combined with some rotate/extrude surfaces was just to see what the results might be. Soon thereafter, Smokety McSmoke Smoke started a "stoner food" thread here in the forum, and I posted a similar to above image and called it a Stoner Food Restaurant. And within a year I saw somewhere on the web that some architecture student turned the Villa Savoye into a fast-food restaurant (which I doubt was an unrelated incident).
"Ah! The imagination."
--Six Degrees of Separation

06060901 Bye House Chandigarh plans
06060902 House of Shadows Bye plans
06060903 House of Shadows Bye model
06060904 Bye House model with lines added to roof of top module
06060905 House of Shadows Bye axonometrics and perspectives
06060906 Savoye Hystérique plans
06060907 Stoner Food Restaurant model

11060903 Schizophrenic Folds plans  




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