11 June

1695 death of André Félibien des Avaux

1782 birth of John Sell Cotman

1839 death of Marie Alexandre Lenoir
1868 death of August Sicard von Sicardsburg
1886 abduction of Ludwig II at Neuschwanstein

Einstein, History and other Passions
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Civilization and its Discontents
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ruin as generator
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The Architecture of the City
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Utopia or Megalopolis?

life imitates art?
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no thanks for the memories
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architectural otherness
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Why is architectural theory so hard to read?
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Op-Ed: Beyond Stars, Icons and Much More, by Patrik Schumacher
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Fuck the White Gods
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2. ...beginning to wonder whether architecture in the virtual realm is more the product of the osmotic imagination.
3. ...add spaces within the "framework" of the Piranesi plans.

06061101.db Stoner Food Restaurant, perspectives

10061101 Vanna Venturi House plans sections elevations with other domestic plans
10061102 Stockholm Public Library plans sections elevation with museum plans
10061103 Pavillon Suisse plans section elevation with other plans by Le Corbusier
10061104 Palace of Assembly plans section elevation with other plans by Le Corbusier

2012.06.11 09:49
Why is architectural theory so hard to read?
I just read chapter 3 of The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture (now for the fourth time) this afternoon, and I reread the Introduction and the footnotes this morning. It is not an easy book, especially for a relative novice of architecture. If you want to discuss the book here within this thread, I'm game.
The notion of the city as archipelago is worthwhile, although not at all original to Aureli--see "Cities within the city" in Lotus International 19 (1978) by Ungers, Koolhaas et al for the origins of the notion. Aureli's finding of "archipelagos" within instances of architecture of the last 500 years is a little forced, and the 'history' that goes along with Aureli's hypothesis can make the overall analysis seem somewhat more dense than it really needs to be--a nimity of academic trappings which in the end may well prevent "what opens the potential for imagining it differently."
I have already commented (within archinect/forum) on various aspects of this text on four occasions: 2011.02.01, 2011.01.31, 2008.12.30 and 2008.12.31.

13061101 Dresdner Bank elevation
13061102 Domincan Motherhouse @ NNTC plans model
13061103 The Philadelphia School @ NNTC plans
13061104 Hurva Synagogue @ NNTC plans model




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