16 June

1737 the first stone of the Radcliffe Library at Oxford, James Gibbs' best building, was laid

1847 death of John Papworth
1863 death of Ludwig Förster

Franklin's Footpath     1972 3900b

Maison l'Homme / Governor's Palace comparison
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houses that morph...
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cloning architecture - a global search
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Rising Sun and Tabor
2004.06.16 13:14    

continued work on The Odds of Ottopia
2004.06.16     5035

didja feel that???
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please comment or destroy, thank you
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Pritzker jury will not revisit decision to exclude Denise Scott Brown
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george nelson nailed our design fee dilemma 60 years ago...
2014.06.16 08:59

Are diagrams in architecture bullshit and ditto for process?
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2004.06.16 05:53
cloning architecture - a global search
I too was thinking of McMansions last night. Swarms of clones sprawling over the US suburban landscape. But notice too what these homes try so hard to reenact, essentially the 'lifestyle' of very wealthy people from quondam times.
...it's interesting that the German word Schloß means 1. castle, palace; chateau, manor-house     2. lock.

2005.06.16 18:40
didja feel that???
un-science fiction

2009.06.16 12:04
please comment or destroy, thank you
I can well see that scripting is an advancement in drawing dexterity with the aim of an advancement in production, but it's not altogether evident that scripting is an advancement in architecture.
Does scripting really generate a more enlightened, more liberal architecture?
For example, does scripting engender an architecture of maximum individual freedom? Does scripting engender an open-minded architecture or a more tolerant architecture?
Or does scripting really (only) come to engender a new style of architecture?

2013.06.16 12:45
Pritzker jury will not revisit decision to exclude Denise Scott Brown
Perhaps there is always somewhat of a divide between 'History' (written, taught and then regurgitated) and what all actually happened. The Pritzker Prize falls in the category of 'History' and at a divide from all that actually happened. For me personally, the Prize is not at all the point, pointless really; I'm much more interested in learning what all actually happened.
In a most ironic way, Scott Brown is apt to receive much more attention by not getting formal recognition from the Pritzker. Does she herself even realize that she's been wearing the ruby slippers all along?
Checking the Zeitgeist, it's just about time for Scott Brown to write The Autobiography of Robert Venturi (just like Gertrude Stein wrote The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas). I, for one, would love to read about a ground-breaking 20th century designer, a real architect's architect, and his marriage to a staunch theory-into-practice colleague.

14061401 Maison Millennium 001, plan, model
14061402 Maison Millennium 001, plans, elevations, perspectives, axonometric

2014.06.16 08:59
george nelson nailed our design fee dilemma 60 years ago...
I can understand the notion of "So to compete with another firm I could presumably throw in the 3D for free and match other firms fee with more services" but shouldn't additional services add to the worth of what the architect offers. The type of competitive logic you describe actually makes architectural services worth less; it devalues architectural services. If you're giving the client more, then the client should pay more.
I also understand that this 'competitive logic' is not black or white, that indeed the new tools at the architect's disposal are changing the equation of services offered, but I think it's also important to try to equate the new services with a higher value. This may tie in directly with the notion of "clients don’t take you seriously until it costs them real money."




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