17 June

1806 death of Henry Holland

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Kahn in cobwebs
2002.06.17 16:12     4013l

fouquet's barriere hotel
2009.06.17 14:49     3716g 3749q 3770y 3784j
2009.06.17 22:50     2278 3749q 3770y

Kazy Varnelis says, "Good riddance, Pritzker"
2013.06.17 16:13     3727h

Are diagrams in architecture bullshit and ditto for process?
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2015.06.17 11:04     3311c 3751g 3794e
2015.06.17 21:59     3311c 3751g

Hearts of the City: Herbert Muschamp will always be one of them
2015.06.17 20:16     3311c 3765f


98061701 Altes Museum plans elevations sculpture   2120i01
98061702 Altes Museum corner perspective raw   2120i02

07061701 Gooding Trice House in a reduced Philadelphia context axonometric
07061702 Gooding Trice Villa model perspectives

2009.06.17 14:49
fouquet's barriere hotel

Great design, very 21st century, consummate use of the assimilating and metabolic imagination.

2009.06.17 22:50
fouquet's barriere hotel
It's seventeen years old now, so it's time to update the Hotel Pia. Delete over half the windows and add the elevation of another building to the background. Voilą!

09061701 Villa Savoye Tower of Shadows plans
09061702 Fisher House scan plan Villa Savoye Tower of Shadows plans
09061703 domestic architecture Tower of Shadows plans
09061704 domestic architecture Tower of Shadows elevations




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