22 June

1701 birth of Nikolai Eigtved
1722 James Gibbs began the "Senate House" in Cambridge
1748 birth of John Carter

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Anti-Starchitecture Chic
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Five senses
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View from the Farnsworth House may soon be a lot drier
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2007.06.22 10:57
Anti-Starchitecture Chic
Not that we're sexist out here, but we do like Phillip's museum of architecture a lot better than Phyllis's. Virtual museum pieces all over the place in real 3D. I mean, who else has done that?!?
Q: what comes after museum?
A: pre-shrine.

2007.06.22 14:52
Anti-Starchitecture Chic
Here's what's going on:
1. The star system is shrouded with lots of myth. The reality has more to do with PR, paying a publicist, designer labeling business, etc.
2. What you are really "longing" for is to be "published" without having to be a starchitect.
2a. By all means do not self-publish! That will render 'publishing' obsolete and all standards would be lost in the process--so much for the reality of relativity. [But don't be fooled, it's more just that the powers-that-be want to keep holding the power--the devil wears Prada and takes best care of itself.]
3. If you really want to make a change within the field of architecture, make sure you bring lots of money to the table first.

2007.06.22 15:03
Anti-Starchitecture Chic
Haven't you heard, Zeitgeist is so yesterday!

11062201 Eclectic Houses elevations plans sections scans

14062201 psa/cri in situ plus via Appia (Canina map attached) with via Appia adjusted to angle and scale of Mausoleum of Romulus/Circus of Maxentius
14062202 psa/cri composite plans in situ plus via Appia raw Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine and Basilica Sessorianum moved to align with the Canina map




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