25 June

1482 first documented appearance of Alessandro Leopardi
1496 Michelangelo arrived at Rome

1798 death of Thomas Sandby

1925 birth of Robert Venturi
1992 death of James Stirling

top 5 movies with great architecture or regarding architecture
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Dear Abra
2005.06.25 13:07     3770k

Envisioning the Past
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Live 8
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For the pleasure of sharing ideas, through the poetry of the printed word
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various inspirations
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Can you say canonical?
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Why are people so fascinated with classical architecture?
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23 June
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2003.06.25 16:50
top 5 movies with great architecture or regarding architecture
Did you know that when a depiction of Boullée is shown in The Belly of the Architect, the image is actually that of Piranesi?

Just over a year ago there was a display within "Theatrics Times Two" at www.quondam.com that compared the symmetry of The Ruling Class with the symmetry of The Belly of the Architect. I think Greenaway was much influenced by The Ruling Class.

2005.06.25 13:07
Dear Abra
What is "design in perspective?" Is it a building? Is it an interior design? Are there any historical examples?
If "design in perspective is design in non-Euclidean space," then does that mean it is indeed possible for something man-made to be non-Euclidean and at the same time exist in the overall near-Euclidean space that is our world to begin with? Or could/should the statement read "design in perspective is design OF non-Euclidean space?"
Could it be that human perception of space may be non-Euclidean, but that human imagination has evolved (so far) in a very Euclidean manner?

06062501 Acropolis Q model
06062502 wack1.db plan and studio model

13062501 Ichnographia Campus Martius contiguous elements plans




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