14 August

1298 great fire at the cathedral of Strasburg

1764 birth of Eloy de la Barre

Center City Philadelphia street grid, mesh street grid     1999.08.14    

damnatio memoriae question
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2001.08.14     2209

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Pennypack Woods, then Trenton
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scale of eyeballs
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Re: biggest construction project in the world
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Campo Marzio and Philadelphia
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2003 a major blackout throughout the northeast United States and parts of Canada

plan superimposition
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when thought matters
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Adam (sans Eve) in the Garden of Satire
2008.08.14 08:44

hence creative ingenuity
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The Philadelphia School, deterritorialized
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Inspirational Images
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The Art Assignment - Meet in the Middle
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The ‘Starchitect’ Image
2014.08.14 12:21
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2014.08.14 16:42
2014.08.14 17:43
2014.08.14 18:27
2014.08.14 21:13
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What music are you listening to?
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2014.08.14 12:03
The Art Assignment - Meet in the Middle
Really scare the shit out of them.

2002.08.14 16:20
scale of eyeballs
A few years ago I saw a USGS map of the area around where I live. About a mile up Tabor Road is a huge Naval Supply Depot, and on the map I was impressed by the scale of the facility and of the buildings in it. Because of the architecture research I was doing at the time, the difference in scale between the depot and the adjacent neighborhoods of rowhomes reminded me of the contrasting scales of buildings Piranesi incorporated within the Ichnographia Campus Martius. Remember, Campus Martius means Fields of Mars, and we all know what Mars is the god of.

2003.08.14 13:59
Re: biggest construction project in the world
I'm thinking metabolic. I'm thinking reenactionary architecturism.
I'm wondering how long this "Israel Wall" is going to remain standing. Will it stand almost 30 years like the Berlin Wall? Will pieces of the Israel Wall someday sit on coffee tables around the world?
Wonder what would happen if Palestinians started to constantly play trumpets at the wall.

07081401 terrain surfaces frozen grid
07081402 Villa Stein des Monzie in Terrain mirror-copy experiment
07081403 Villa Stein des Monzie in Terrain Wall House 2 in Terrain model.
07081404 Villa Stein des Monzie in Terrain Wall House 2 in Terrain perspectives

07081404.db 2008.08.14 08:13
when thought matters
The proposition of a metabolic imagination & an assimilating imagination relative to an osmotic imagination & an electromagnetic imagination stems from the design (morphology and physiology) of the human body. The diaphragm separates the abdominal cavity from the thoracic cavity. The primary operations within the abdominal cavity are assimilation (digestive tract) and metabolism (liver), while the primary operations within the thoracic cavity are osmosis (lungs) and electromagnetism (heart). The diaphragm aids in respiration, defecation and partuition (giving birth). Note how the role of the diaphragm correlates directly to Eliade's 'formula' of transcendence from profane to sacred.
The main proposition is that the human mind, the imagination, operates like the body it is bottom up from. In Peircian terms then, the design of the human body is the perpetual index, symbol and icon of human imagination.

2009.08.14 10:44
hence creative ingenuity
creative : resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imaginative
ingenuity 1 : the quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful; inventiveness 2 : cleverness or skillfulness of conception or design 3 : an ingenious contrivance or device
creative [architecture] by itself; that's relatively easy.

11081401 House in Laguna 001 model (approx. register with IQ)  

13081401 Center City Philadelphia IQ09 plans Mikveh Isreal Gallery Berwin Clay Workers Co-op

2014.08.14 11:47
Inspirational Images
I love (doing) art/architecture of bad analogies, misplaced logic, incorrectly applied language, and the act of copy pasting! It's not exactly risky, but it surely eliminates mediocrity.
You'll find it all at the Cut & Paste Museum...


2014.08.14 12:21
The ‘Starchitect’ Image
Can you provide five examples of place making buildings so that I can compare them to architecture by starchitects?
2014.08.14 14:24
I'd like to see what "place-making" buildings are so I can then see whether they are in opposition to "starchitect" buildings. The point is that the words "place-making" buildings really means nothing if I have no idea what is meant by the term "place-making" buildings, thus I asked to see some examples.
2014.08.14 16:42
davvid, thanks for the pictures of 'places', but I'd still like five examples of place making buildings.
To clarify, Thayer-D wrote: "I find it ironic that we always claim to love diversity and working out of the box, yet of the all star line-up list of architects above, they are all doing incredibly similar work. Yes, it all looks different, but it's all of a kind, more or less. Object buildings rather than place making buildings." Assuming that (according to Thayer-D) starchitects product object buildings, I then want to know what 'place making buildings' look like. For that matter, can anyone provide 5 examples of object buildings?
2014.08.14 17:43
I suppose a Barragan house is one example of a place making building (yet I doubt that it tells every one that it is in Mexico). Any more examples, or is a Barragan house the only place making building in existence?
What are some examples of buildings that respect local context?
What are some examples of buildings that reflect critical regionalism?
2014.08.14 18:27
Yet, I'm not asking about "identity of place." I'm asking for examples of place making buildings. Don't tell that such buildings don't even exist. And if they really don't exist, then starchitects certainly can't be the only ones blamed for not designing such buildings.
2014.08.14 21:13
Photos of place making buildings is not useless because a photo of a place making building is proof that a place making building actually exists. All I'm asking for is five examples of place making buildings. Is that really so difficult?
I lived and worked in Savannah, Summer 1979: lived in two different houses on Jones Street, worked in one the river buildings (a couple doors down from the Cotton Exchange), had lunch in Johnson Square most work days, and walked through a whole bunch of different squares going to and from work every day. No question, Oglethrope's plan is extremely versatile as to the types of 'places' it non-dogmatically engendered. I assume Historic Savannah still has a pretty strict building code. Is all of Historic Savannah an example of 'place making buildings'? Certainly not without the plan in the first place.
2014.08.14 21:27
Let me put it this way: the greater percentage of buildings in Historic Savannah are object buildings as opposed to place making buildings. And what place making building are there are groups of buildings (like contiguous rows of different homes) rather than individual place making buildings.




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