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1070 Lanfranc made archbishop of Canterbury

1248 first stone of the choir of the cathedral of Cologne laid

about the Virtual Museum of Architecture
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Ottopia done

Quondam as an example of architectures of schizophrenic spontaneity
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Learning from Lacunae: a progressive inquiry of the acquisition of knowledge via reflection on what is not there
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Helena: calendrical coincidences
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damnatio memoriae, next coins
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X-games architecture
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Re: Venturi pot at eBay
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death of the original Ezeri Mester
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Re: berlin wall reenactment
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A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit: Part I
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has the sun finally set on oma?
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Adam (sans Eve) in the Garden of Satire
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Art vs. architecture
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The ‘Starchitect’ Image
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The Militarization of U.S. Police
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2014.08.15 07:51
The ‘Starchitect’ Image
t a m m u z, you get it and I concur. I never before imagined that I would see a similarity between Savannah and Dubai.
MK, thanks for providing five examples of place making projects. From what I can thus discern, the architecture of starchitects is not divorced from place making projects.
Thayer-D, you're an idiot who jumps to self-serving albeit incorrect conclusions. As tammuz has already made clear, object buildings are very well capable of contributing to the sense of a place, and that was my point about Historic Savannah being largely composed of object buildings. To davvid's earlier question, object buildings are not in opposition to place making buildings, and to that end I'll confidently say that Guggenheim Bilbao and the Seattle Public Library are two prime examples of starchitect designed place making buildings.
2014.08.15 19:57
I just looked for the Zenghelis quote and I think this is it:
"And there is a catch: while [Quinlan] Terry was taking a polemical position against modernism, he was not taking into account the fundamental demands that his architecture was making on craftsmanship, not ordinarily modernism's calling. Craftsmen are hard to find, as craftsmanship is a time-consuming art that is gradually disappearing in an age that finds it unaffordable. This is the political side of the flaw.
The stylistic flaw stems from the fact that the architectures invoked have certain immanent and distinguishing properties that are unassailable, like proportion, size, construction, and materials. Once these are violated the architecture collapse. If one examines architecture before the Modern Movement, it becomes instantly evident that questions such as proportion, the relation of the horizontal to the vertical, of floor to ceiling heights, and the volume of space are intrinsic and fundamental to its integrity. At the same time, these are properties that no developer will pay for today."
If that's not the quote you were paraphrasing, then let us know. Otherwise, this Zenghelis quote and your paraphrase are not really saying the same thing. Zenghelis is being critical of 'stylistic' Post-Modernism.
2014.08.15 20:11
And a little on Savannah. One of the reasons it's Historic District is (more or less) cohesive is that Savannah surrendered when the Union army approached in the Civil War. Thus it did not get burned down like Atlanta. Another reason is that so much of it has been restored within the last half of the last century. Prior to the 1960s, much of the Historic District was a rundown slum. Jim Williams (of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) alone restored over 50 homes in the Historic District. One night in 1983 Jim gave me a top to bottom tour of Mercer House, his home, and not only was he meticulous in everything he did, he also had unbelievable good taste.

Ottopia done
Ottopia... ...the schizophrenic geography of O’s physical and mental travels. ...one of spontaneity as opposed to thoughtful architectural renditions of O’s named “locations”. as a result, Ichnographia Ottopia comes to represent architectures of schizophrenic spontaneity.
...a correct and fitting description of slap-dash architecture with the name “architectures of schizophrenic spontaneity.” ...now concisely work on defining and practicing architectures of schizophrenic spontaneity. Perhaps turn Quondam into architectures of schizophrenic spontaneity.

2003.08.15 11:26
Re: berlin wall reenactment
... so I'm now wondering if the Iron Curtain was the last prior "biggest construction project in the world." Then, also, was/is the Great Wall of China the biggest construction project ever?
A rebuilding of the Berlin Wall in Berlin in plastic would not be much different than, for example, a reenactment of a Civil War battle.
The Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia appears to be reenacting both Third Empire Paris as well as Piranesi's virtual Campo Marzio.
It will (probably) still take some time before Las Vegas loses it's 'status' as reenactment capital of the world, however.
It's interesting to see all the various directions that "degrees of separation" can go when it comes to reenactment.

2008.08.15 08:36
has the sun finally set on oma?
The sun will finally set on OMA/AMO if Koolhaas becomes risk-averse.
How many other architects actually seek out the risk? It is indeed Koolhaas' continual seeking-out-the-risk that sets Koolhaas as an architectural designer apart. The "envelop" really doesn't get pushed without taking a risk, and Koolhaas knows that full well.
Apropos, I cannot think of a riskier work of architecture than CCTV.
risk : 1. exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance

2008.08.15 10:33
has the sun finally set on oma?
The Guggenheim Las Vegas was a risk in a town that is all about risk. Apropos again, contextual even.

2013.08.15 16:44
Art vs. architecture
Looks like my next project is to design a Comfort Zone Inn. Here's the program:
The Comfort Zone Inn is a behavioural state within which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviours to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without a sense of risk. A person's personality can be described by his or her comfort zones within a Comfort Zone Inn. A Comfort Zone Inn is a type of mental conditioning that causes a person to create and operate mental boundaries. Such boundaries create an unfounded sense of security. Like inertia, a person who has established a comfort zone in a particular axis of his or her life, will tend to stay within that Comfort Zone Inn without stepping outside of it. To step outside their Comfort Zone Inn, a person must experiment with new and different behaviours, and then experience the new and different responses that occur within their environment.

13081501 Center City Philadelphia IQ9 model

2014.08.15 08:39
The Militarization of U.S. Police
I'd say the 'militarization' is a 'logical' byproduct of manufacture and sales of weapons being one of the top-most businesses of the US. Police forces all across the country just became part of the weapons industry's ever-expanding marketplace.




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