21 September

1447 at the death of Jehan Salvart, Jehan Roussel succeeded as architect of the cathedral of Rouen

The Longest Axis / The Axis of Life
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Alexander Severus
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buildings of Alexander Severus
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new palace of Elagabalus
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"I'm three dimensional."
2000.09.21 22:52

The Wagner Free Institute of Science     1859
Baptist Temple     1889
Temple University
North Philadelphia

Re: travels in hyper-reality
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metabolic/delivery, etc.
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Morphosis Exhibit Redux

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MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
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what's going on
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institutional critique [sort of]
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21 September
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21 September
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20 September
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99092101 Villa Stein de Monzie wireframe model   2150i01
99092102 Villa Stein de Monzie site plan elevations perspectives   2150i02
99092103 Museum of Knowledge model   2185i01
99092104 Museum of Knowledge plans site plans elevations axonometrics   2185i02
99092105 Tower of Shadows plans site plans elevation perspective   2186i01
99092106 Maison l'Homme model   2196i01
99092107 Maison l'Homme plans elevations axonometrics perspectives   2196i02

2000.09.21 22:52
"I'm three dimensional."
In the romantic, classic movie Two For The Road (1968), Albert Finney portrays Mark, a young British architect who ultimately becomes a European jet-setting architect (that's his very smart Mercedes coupe being driven into the back of an aircraft in one of the opening scenes).

As a recent graduate architect, he hitch-hikes through France taking 3-d pictures of buildings; that's when he meets Joanna, played by Audrey Hepburn. As the pair are still just getting to know each other, Joanna asked Mark to take a picture of her instead of the local Cathedral. Mark says his camera is made for taking pictures of 3-dimensional objects like buildings. To which Joanna in beautiful irony replies, "I'm three dimensional."

00092101 Quondam group elevations   2080i01
00092102 Quondam group elevations   2209i04
00092103 Quondam group elevations   2189i02
00092104 Quondam group elevations   2185i03
00092105 Quondam group elevations   2177i04
00092106 Quondam group elevations   2198i10
00092107 Quondam group elevations
00092108 Quondam group elevations   2137i01
00092109 Quondam group elevations   2250i03
00092110 Quondam group elevations   2250i04

2001.09.21 16:09
Re: travels in hyper-reality
Theming comes in many, many varieties, of which the sanitized version is only a subset of general theming. Theming, like theater, however, is a subset of reenactment.
In the United States of America we celebrate Thanksgiving Day the last Thursday of November. Virtually every family in the USA has a turkey dinner with all the trimmings on that day. This dinner is a reenactment of a supposed dinner the Pilgrims and the Indians shared at one of the first harvests of the new settlers in America. Is the modern day Thanksgiving Dinner in the USA an authentic reenactment? It's probably more an artificial reenactment, yet, nonetheless, it is now also as authentically 'American' as any dinner can get.
At this point, I'm seriously wondering whether the specialness of reenactment is that it combines both the authentic and the artificial. For example, authentic Chinatowns (like the one in Philadelphia) are full of artificial, albeit unsanitized, theming. Yet for the generations of Chinese citizens living there, it is their reenactment of 'home'.

2001.09.21 18:02
metabolic/delivery, etc.
In the recent Barbara Flanagan article in Metropolis on Venturi and Scott Brown it states:
And when Venturi envisions an electronic "facade of glittering information," the inevitable political question (what does it say and who decides?) can be a vexing one. "What the message is I don't know, and I'm not too ashamed of not knowing," Venturi says. "Content is not the architect's job."
I think Venturi here admits his most present flaw, and even goes on to make a big mistake about the future. As the architect of the first online virtual museum of architecture, I see content as very much the job of the architect.
Can it be said that precisely attacking flaws engenders paradigm shifts?
Kind-of like going into a black hole and then being in the other side.

07092101 Goldenberg House perspectives axonometrics
07092102 Courthouse with Garage Villa Savoye Goldenberg House plans
07092103 Courthouse with Garage model

2009.09.21 11:22
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
The earliest example that I know of...

OMA, Ideal Vertical Campus, Tokyo, 2004.
"It was important for us, therefore, that the energy and life found in the typical campus was driven by the possibility of creating a different configuration for every floor. The interactivity of the typical sprawling campus is achieved through these configurations...

2009.09.21 11:42
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
...or captive slaves...

2009.09.21 13:56
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
Has voxelation been used within the architectural lexicon before now?

2009.09.21 21:21
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
the similarities of the pictures really speak for themselves...

Voxelation actually does seem to be the right word to describe the formal properties of the architecture in question.

12092101 Working Title Museum 002 floor plates etc.

15092101   NNTC01 grid block infill   2413i32




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